Top 4 Home Extensions Projects That Increases Property Value


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Do you know that a house extension can add almost 20% to your overall property value? That’s right! Whether you are trying to increase your property value before selling it or just wishing to improve your home, a home extension can be a worthy investment.

However, there are a few extension projects that can increase your property value more than others.

Do you want to know what those are? Well, continue reading!

Increase Your Home’s Value With These Extension Projects!

The functional space, street appeal, and the location of your extension projects can significantly determine how much value you can get with the project.

Here are the house extensions that can dramatically increase your home value:

1. Loft Extensions

According to experts, converting or extending your loft can add 20% to the value of your house. It is one of the most affordable ways to create more living space in your home. You can convert your loft into a bedroom or a second living or even a game room.

2. Double-Story Extensions

If you are considering a double-story extension for your home extension project, you can increase your property value by almost 12%. With a double-story, you will most likely be increasing general living space, making your property much more attractive to buyers.

3. Conservatory Extension

Adding a conservatory will allow you to experience the beautiful weather and serenity of the outdoors without the chaos. In addition to that, a conservatory can add 5% to 7% value to your property.

4. Extend Outdoors

If you don’t want to add another story, extending your home outwards can be an excellent way to add more space and value. It is also much less expensive than building another floor.

So, which home extension projects do you like the most? Be sure to let us know. And for information regarding home extensions and renovations, stay tuned to this page!

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